Kristin was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest outside of Seattle, Washington. As the oldest of 4 children (She has two younger sisters and a younger brother) she spent a lot of time reading to her siblings and telling them stories.  

As a kid, Kristin was drawn to books with spooky or magical elements to them. (As an adult, she still is!) In third grade, she asked her school librarian for a scary book, preferably one with a ghost. The librarian gave her a copy of Mary Downing Hahn’s book, Wait Till Helen Comes. Kristin stayed up late that night in the room she shared with her sister, reading the book by nightlight, too caught up in the story to put it down.  Books like this one, which transported her to another place and fostered her love of reading, are what inspired Kristin to write books for children.

After high school, Kristin attended the University of Washington and earned degrees in psychology and elementary education. She has always enjoyed tweens, and loved the years she spent as a 5th and 6th grade teacher before leaving to be a full time mom and writer.  

Nowadays, Kristin still lives in the Pacific Northwest with her wonderful husband, Jason, their spunky kids, Jack and Lydia, and their dogs, Baxter and Layla.  Kristin counts herself extremely lucky to be able to spend her days doing the two things she loves most: caring for her kids and writing books that she hopes will capture her readers’ imaginations and keep them up reading late into the night.